Hi, thanks for visiting!

I live in Barcelona (Spain) and I work as a freelance in illustration, pattern design and painting. 

When I work in illustration and pattern design I always begin with traditional techniques (graphite, watercolor, acrylic, gouache, inks…) and then I use digital techniques to finish (Photoshop and Illustrator).

I use to paint on wood canvas because I always do some collage with all kinds of materials in my paintings and wood makes it easy.

In terms of volume, my work focuses on the “Art dolls”, a hybrid between the textile sculpture and painting.

Nature inspires me so much, I like work hard the greenery of my illustrations and pantings, I love the results. 

And I like to get a vintage appearance with colors, shades and textures. Whenever I can, I try to obtain an old look.


In artistic area, I started self-taught and then I deepened my knowledges participating in many courses and workshops of illustration.

I also have a university degree in Psychology at the University of Barcelona.

Art Exhibitions

Some of my art exhibitions:

SARTC Ateneu Igualadí (2008) art gallery exhibition.

Art market, Caldes de Montbuí (2008) art gallery exhibition.

“Casa de cultura”, El Masnou (2009) art gallery exhibition.

“Cafè París”, Figueres (2009) solo exhibition.

Art market, Vilafranca del Penedès (2009) art exhibition.

“Sant Lluc”, Mataró (2009) art gallery exhibition.

“Els matins a TV3” (tv program) (2009) solo exhibition. 

“Delicartessen”, Esther Montoriol gallery, Barcelona (2010)art gallery exhibition.

Art market, Ismes gallery, Vilanova i la Geltrú (2010) art gallery exhibition.

“Reial Cercle Artístic”, Barcelona (2010) art gallery exhibition.

Untitled BCN gallery, Barcelona (2010) art gallery exhibition.

Art i Gent gallery, Argentona (2011) solo exhibition.

Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam (2011) art fair exhibition.

Affordable Art Fair, London Hampstead (2011) art fair exhibition.

Art London (2011) art fair exhibition.

Affordable Art Fair, New York (2011) art fair exhibition.

Galería Teresa Rius, Espai Cultural Francolí, Barcelona (2013) solo exhibition.

Paspartú gallery, “International Exhibition”, Barcelona (2013) art gallery exhibition.

Paspartú gallery, Art market, Barcelona (2013) art gallery exhibition.

Art Fair Cologne (2013) art fair exhibition.

“Art room”  Espacio 120 gallery, Hospitalet del Llobregat (2014) art gallery exhibition.

Art Fair, Salàs de Pallars, (2014) art fair exhibition

Aragón 232 gallery, Barcelona (2015) art gallery exhibition

Art Fair, Salàs de Pallars, (2015) art fair exhibition